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1. Is my vibrator waterproof?

We've got a huge range ofwaterproof vibrators and sex in the shower accessories to choose from that willhelp make positioning easier in a hot, steamy environment.


2. Which vibrator should I buy?

If you knowthat you enjoy G-spot play, or want to start experimenting with internal G-Spotstimulation, then we have a whole range for that too.


3. How about colour?

Use our colour selector on the left-hand side to help filter results.


4. Taking Care Of Your Sextoys Steel From Adultsmart

A water based lubricant which is the most common, the easiest to wash off, and the most sex_toy friendly. Water based lubricant are best used with silicone or jelly toys.


5. sex

This post is regarding the sexes that happens to sexually reproducing organisms. With the act of copulation, see Sexual intercourse. For other uses, see Sex (disambiguation). Page semi-protected


6. What exactly are my selections for birth prevention?

What exactly are my selections for birth prevention?


7. When will my vagina return to their office to normal?

When will my vagina return to their office to normal?


8. When will my vagina return to their office to normal?

When will my vagina return to their office to normal?


9. Let's discuss sex: Following baby2

In case you are not able to resume your sex-life yet, have some slack.


10. Let's discuss sex: Following baby

Let's discuss sex: Following baby


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Thursday, September 18, 2014Let's discuss sex: Following baby

When is it safe to get started on sex again?

Many caregivers recommend waiting about four weeks as soon as you have. (It's not really safe to get intercourse until a minimum of a fortnight after delivery. Do your best, you're generally still bleeding at risk for the hemorrhage or uterine infection.)

Parents discuss the hardest parts of Parenthood

In case you have stitches, it's likely your caregiver will help you to hang about until after she checks you out of trouble for your six-week postpartum visit.

When you finally get the caregiver's go-ahead, it's okay to start out making love again when you feel ready and never before.

When can i feel as if having sexual intercourse again?

It's common to experience a low libido from the weeks and even months after having a baby. Within the first six or seven weeks after delivery, you might be exhausted, and maybe sore and overwhelmed. Your whole body needs time for you to heal. And you are obviously now coping with the 24/7 demands of taking care of an infant.

You will be worried that sex are going to be painful. Should you have perineal tearing or an episiotomy, you probably will be particularly tender in that area. For some women, the tenderness resolves relatively quickly. Others can have discomfort during intercourse for months after delivery.

And you're planning to have less natural vaginal lubrication in the first 4-6 weeks as soon as the birth because of your body's decreasing amount of estrogen during this time period. If you are breastfeeding childbirth, this dryness may continue provided that you continue to nurse. Or perhaps it will return slowly as the nursing sessions become less frequent.

There are many some other reasons you may not feel as if having sexual intercourse right now. Adjusting to motherhood can be stressful or emotionally all-consuming. You could possibly feel less attractive or less confident in your changing body now. You could fear getting pregnant again, specifically if you are using a fresh way of contraception. Or you could be struggling with baby blues or postpartum depression.